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Hello all! I'm a new member to this community, having been very recently introduced to Into The Woods. It's probably one of the most thematic Sondheim musicals I've seen, and I love it for its fantastic music and array of characters. I love how everything interrelates, as well as how concepts and morals taught have to do with each storyline.

I am not an actor nor a singer, but a writer, so my perspective on musicals as a whole is very different from posts of the past that I've read on this community.  At any rate, I just wanted to post a discussion question since I don't have any personal ITW stories to relate.

Simply, which song is your favorite and why?  Is there a personal experience from your ITW performance or real life that relates to the song? 

I think that my favorite song has to be the finale, because it's really a wonderful way for everything to ultimately come together. "Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell" sums up everything that the play stands for in my opinion, and it's just so briliantly stated. Not to mention that as the finale, it literally makes everyone come together, but with the song, everyone comes together with the same understanding that what they do and the choices they make not only influence themselves as individuals, but others around them.
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