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Hello, everyone!  My name's Samantha and decided to join because I've been rather obsessed with this show for the last few months.  I find it incredibly inspiring and lovely and fascinating.  I'd love to see a professional group perform it at some point, but the DVD of the 1989 performance is perfection.  I'm so enamored with it that I doubt I'll ever fully enjoy another cast.  I'm ok with this.  ;) 

I wasn't sure how to introduce myself further, so I decided to browse through the comm.  I found a survey by _excruciating__ that seemed perfect.  It's from May 2006, so I assumed no one would mind a repost.  Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!  

Name? Samantha

Age? 23

Where you live? Butler, PA

How long have you liked Into the Woods? My friend told me about it in 2007, but I became a fan in early 2008.

How did you discover this glorious piece of theater? My friend introduced me to it. 

Are you into a lot of Sondheim's stuff? I love what I've heard.  I'm a huge Sweeney Todd fan.

Who is your favorite character? The Baker's Wife.

Favorite song? "Agony," "Moments in the Woods," "Hello Little Girl," or "No More"

Favorite Lyric? "You move just a finger, say the slightest word, something's bound to linger.  Be heard."

Favorite spoken quote? "I was raised to be charming, not sincere."

What character could you do without? Man, this is hard.  I'll say Cinderella's mother, because she's the only one I don't really love. :P

What song makes you cringe? "Stay With Me..." because I can relate to it so much. 

Is there a song that you think is totally un-appreciated?  I'm not really sure... but from people I've talked to, I'll say "No More."  I think it's incredible. 

Which character reminds you of you? Part Baker, part Baker's Wife, part Little Red, and part Cinderella's Step Mother.

Which character would you KILL to play? The Baker's Wife.  Darn my complete inablity to sing/act. :P

Who would you love to be friends with?  Cinderella. She's wonderful.

Ever been in the show? If so, who'd ya play?  Nope.  I'm no performer.

Do you own a copy of the dvd/vhs? Yep!

Original or revival CD? Original, most definitely.

Ever seen Into the Woods live? I saw a local group do it, but I'd love to see it done professionally.

Favorite moment of the show? "Agony," if done well.

Saddest moment? "No One is Alone"

Have you ever actually cried? Yes.  The first time I saw it (the DVD) and Baker's Wife died.  It surprised the heck out of me and I bawled.

Funniest moment? "Agony," part 2.  I love the whole thicket/dwarves exchange.

Inspirtational moment? "No One is Alone"

Is there a fairy tale left out of the show that you think could have been put in? I'm fine with it as it is.

Who's your favorite actor and actress in the show? Chip Zein and Joanna Gleason.  I love their chemistry. 

Who has the coolest clothes? Rapunzel looks beautiful!

The Prologue, Ever After, or Finale? The Prologue. 

Who's cuter, Rapunzel's prince or Cinderella's prince? Rapunzel's.  I <3 Chuck Wagner.

Who's prettier, Cinderella or Rapunzel? Cinderella

Would you rather have a cow, a piggy or a harp? A cow.

Would you rather have a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn or slippers as pure as gold? The cape, definitely. 

Agony I, or Agony II?  Oooh, this is like choosing between children. :P  I'll go for II.

Doesn't the wolf just freaking ROCK? YES, OMG. 

Stay With Me or Lament? Lament.

Hello, Little Girl or I Know Things Now? Hello, Little Girl. 

Cinderella's prince..stalker or lover?  I'm not sure they're mutually exclusive. :P

Who's fault was it? The Witch's mother, for cursing the Witch in the first place!

Why are you going into the woods? To find my purpose.  <strike> A little AVQish, yes?</strike>

What do you wish?  I wish I could find Rapunzel's Prince in the woods. ;)
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